Compensation Claims – If An Injury Isn’t Your Fault, You Shouldn’t Have To Pay The Price

There’s really nothing complicated or difficult about what we do at Compensation – we make sure that people who suffer injury through an accident which wasn’t their fault are fully and fairly compensated. As far as we’re concerned it’s all about fairness; you’ve already suffered the misfortune of being hurt, why should you have to deal with the extra burden of coping with the after effects? That’s the way we look at things, and that’s the attitude which underpins everything we do.

Obviously, most people hope to go through life without suffering any accidents, major or minor, but unfortunately things can go wrong and, as a consequence, people sometimes get hurt. If the accident in question was your own fault then you’ll probably choose to chalk it up to experience, dust yourself off, and move on. If someone else’s negligence caused the accident, however, then we feel it’s only fair that you be compensated, and we’ll use every bit of our expertise and experience to make sure that happens.

Accidents can take many forms. Amongst those we commonly deal with are:

If you suffer these, or any other type of accident which leads to personal injury, then our team of expert injury lawyers are the very best people to put together your claim. The injury in question can be either physical or psychological in nature. Physical injuries could range from minor cuts and bruises, fractures and whiplash through to major physical effects such as the loss of limbs, paralysis or even, in the most extreme cases, actual loss of life. Aside from any physical injuries, the trauma of being involved in an accident could lead to long term psychological effects such as depression brought on by pain and suffering. Clearly, financial compensation can never truly make up for personal suffering but it can provide reimbursement for expenses such as loss of earnings, travel expenses, medical bills etc, and can also help the injured party to feel that justice has been done, a thought which, in itself, will be a major part of the long term recovery process.

When you make a claim through us we take the details of your case, handle all the paperwork, pursue the guilty party and, in short, do everything in our power to ensure that you receive every penny of the compensation that you’re due. And when we say every penny, we mean every penny. We operate on a No Win No Fee basis, and what this means is that, if you win your claim, our expenses are paid for by the other party and every single part of the compensation awarded to you is given to you, minus absolutely nothing.

So if you feel you may have suffered an injury following an accident which was caused by someone else’s negligence, but aren’t quite certain if you’re in a position to make a claim, then call our helpline on 0808 252 5268 and let our fully trained, friendly advisers talk you through the details. If there’s a claim to be made then we’ll work night and day to pursue it, and make sure you receive the compensation you clearly deserve.